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Andreas Schuller aka Axident is a grammy-nominated producer, songwriter, and publisher in the pop and urban music scene. Overtime Axident has amassed a large catalog, with streams exceeding four billion, that include A-List artists like Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, Pitbull, Dua Lipa, Zedd and Jessie J. Many of these songs came from Axident’s innovative writing camps where creatives would meet at makeshift studio setups with a focus on creating unique songs that challenged the rules of current popular music.

In 2010, Ron Moss, EVP of Creative at Rondor Music Publishing, found Andreas and brought him to the US. This is when Andreas coined his producer tag Axident, believing that all great innovation is made by accident. In 2011 Moss left Rondor and together they started Honua Music. With Moss, Axident not only built a success publishing company he also used his platform to discover and mentor young talents like Gladius and Big Taste who have found massive success and grammy nominations of their own. Axident is also heavily involved in giving back to his Norwegian community by teaching masterclasses to kids and inspiring them to pursue their creative dreams.

The product of Axident’s first camp, “Wiggle” (released by Jason Derulo), peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100. “Wiggle” became a global phenomenon bringing melodic drops to urban music with its iconic flute hook. Post “Wiggle” success, Axident went on to write the multi-platinum hit, "Fireball" (released by Pitbull) that still receives regular sync placements worldwide. In addition to being a crowd pleaser at weddings, bars, and clubs all around the world, the song has proven itself to be evergreen, licensed to all fields of multimedia including commercials, movie trailers, and television shows. Another highlight of Axident's career includes co-writing and producing the platinum single, "Company" (released by Justin Bieber). "Company" was featured on the critically acclaimed, multi-platinum album, Purpose. Axident's signature sound has proven to transcend borders around the globe and his catalog has been Certified Gold & Platinum over 60 times, reaching nearly half of the world's population on YouTube alone.

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